Year 9 Tutor Groups

Year 9 Tutor Groups

Jill Pratlett - Head of Year 9

Geoff Dixon - Head of Conduct

Phil Hook - 9A1 in room S13

Martin Davis - 9A2 in room S03

Claire Westgate - 9A3 in room M24

Charlotte Harris - 9A4 in room M16

Kath Tipper / Becky Davies Mo, Th (Support) - 9A5 in room M06

Kay Day - 9B1 in room L01

Jess Garnett - 9B2 in room M25

Hayley Symes - 9B3 in room L07

Oliver Plumridge - 9B4 in room M01

Maria Rand - 9B5 in room M12

Skyla HatcherYear 9