Year 8 Tutor Groups

Year 8 Tutor Groups

Donna McGill - Head of Year 8

Geoff Dixon - Head of Conduct

Callum Thompson - 8A1 in room M41

Kelly Anderson - 8A2 in room H08

Richard Whitehead / Rebecca Phillips (NQT) - 8A3 in room L12

Nick Somers - 8A4 in room L13

Laura Stringer/ Cath Russell - 8A5 in room H15

Adrian Winstone (Tu, We, Fr) / Deb Bainbridge (Mo, We, Th) - 8B1 in room T02

Mary Leonard - 8B2 in room S12

Jennifer Gray (NQT) - 8B3 in room M21

Anna McCorry - 8B4 in room L14

Cara White (Tu, We, Th, Fr) / (Mo) Rebecca Perry (NQT) - 8B5 in room L08

Skyla HatcherYear 8