Year 10 Tutor Groups

Year 10 Tutor Groups

Kelly Donaldson - Head of Year 10

Geoff Dixon - Head of Conduct

Aveen Keogh (Mo,Tu,We,Th) / Becky Davies (Fr) - 10A1 in rooms T05/D03

Hayley Mullins - 10A2 in room M15

Emma Richardson - 10A3 in room M09

Mike Dangerfield/ Kay Sellars - 10A4 in room M22

Alan Muluka - 10A5 in room S07

Emma Burlinson / Florence Wadley (NQT) - 10B1 in room H06

Aaron Griffiths - 10B2 in room S09

Martina Vila - 10B3 in room L18

Paul Lang - 10B4 in room L10

Danielle Natee - 10B5 in room M04

Skyla HatcherYear 10