Students at Worle Community School can expect a quality learning experience which aims to enable each individual to become a successful, skilful, independent learner and a confident, happy and responsible citizen.

The curriculum is delivered through a one week, 25 period timetable. Curriculum provision is divided into two broad stages: Key Stages 3 and 4, with continuity and progression from one stage to the next. Students learn in subject specialist areas and classrooms, make full use of the Learning Resource Centre and extensive ICT facilities, as well as larger performance areas and sport facilities.

When students make their options choices they have an exciting opportunity to plan up to 40% of their curriculum in Years in KS4.

The Enhanced Curriculum

At times during the school year students of both Key Stages will have opportunities to experience curriculum provision which enhances specific subject learning or cross-curricular experiences. Teaching and learning in the curriculum provides Information, Advice and Guidance, extends personal, learning, thinking and employability skills, enables learning experiences in collaboration with the local community and in partnership with local providers.

The Tutor Programme & Assemblies

In the Tutor Programme and Year Group Assemblies, students experience a broad programme of information, Advice and Guidance, learning activities, community opportunities and personal and group development incorporating key messages of the school community vision and expectations.

The Enriching Curriculum

The educational experiences of students consist of both the formal curriculum and opportunities provided through extra-curricular activities and the Extended Services Partnership. The enrichment programmes provided by the school foster and support a student’s personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. The programme also aims to enhance the raising of students’ participation in the next stages of education, training and employment. Opportunities to learn as a family, before and after school and during school holidays are key parts of this programme.

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