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Students at Worle Community School can expect a quality learning experience which aims to enable each individual to become a successful, skilful, independent learner and a confident, happy and responsible citizen.

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The Tutor Programme & Assemblies

New from September 2019

WCSA is proud to present its hugely popular Tutor Time Reading Programme. All students from Years 7 to 10 follow a four day schedule of Tutor-led reading. We know that developing a love of reading is vital for a successful and fulfilling life, and a mastery of a rich and vibrant vocabulary can only be achieved through regularly reading for pleasure. It is with this in mind that students at WCSA read for four mornings a day for eight weeks a cycle. Students read a range of literature including classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird and modern texts such as The Hunger Games. It is through this programme that students can experience a range of themes relevant in the world today, such as: democracy, the rule of law, civil liberty and mutual respect. At WCSA, reading is more than the means to an end, reading is the foundation for all our learning. Students complement this reading programme, with tutor time ‘What if?’ and reflection sessions in Week 9 to further develop understanding and consider real world applications.

The Mental Health Assembly Programme.

At Worle Community School Academy, from September, all students will follow the Healthy Mind Programme. This programme, developed by world-renowned author, clinical professor of psychiatry and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Centre, Dr. Dan Siegel, and adopted (with permission) by WCSA is the only programme of its like in the local area. We believe that the key to a well-rounded education and a successful start in life is not only teaching and learning but a strong awareness of the steps necessary to develop and maintain a healthy mind. The programme follows a combination of teacher-led assemblies and tutor-led discussion activities to help students understand the importance of: sleep time, physical time, focus time, connecting time, play time, time in and down time. A healthy mind is vital for a healthy life – and it starts at school.

The Relationships Assembly Programme.

Following the Mental Health Assembly Programme, students embark on the WCSA Relationships programme to develop and nurture an understanding of the core principals of positive, healthy relationships with peers and loved ones. Students are delivered assemblies on healthy friendships, consent and the #Metoo movement, LGBTQ+ matters, sexual harassment, contraception, exploitation and keeping safe online. All assemblies are complemented by tutor time discussion, reflection and workbook sessions to further explore these fundamental lessons.

The Fundamental British Values Assembly Programme.

The Fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, civil liberty and mutual respect are the fundamental values of Worle Community School. Our School Charter echoes and enforces these values whilst the classroom curriculum delivers them daily. The WCSA assembly programme takes this one step further and includes teacher-led delivery and tutor-led discussion activities. We are preparing our students for success in a rapidly evolving world and it is paramount that the values we hold true in this country are the values our students are instilled with when they leave and succeed.