WCSA Science fair by Mr Muhiddin, Deputy Head of Science

As you may already know, the WCSA science department annually hold a Year 8 science fair to promote the importance of STEM subjects and to showcase the wonderful talent our students have for science, technology engineering and mathematics. Students were required to enter one of four categories in which they could research the science behind a fascinating question, form and conduct their own investigation, construct a working design to model a scientific concept or to be an engineer and construct a product that could benefit the general public.

This year’s cohort of Year 8s did not disappoint and formed arguably the best science fair to date! ‘Absolutely outstanding’ were the words I heard several members of the Leadership Team say as they admired many of the projects submitted. From research into the effectiveness of soundproofing; bacteria cultures and renewable energy all the way to the construction of prosthetic limbs, trebuchets and disabled friendly kayaks. I was amazed by the quality of the projects produced and felt pride in the effort the students applied to their independent learning.

Taking students through to the second round of judging was a tough task for our science teachers, narrowing over 180 truly fantastic projects to just 50 finalists. These 50 students were given the chance to pitch their project several times to a multitude of judges including myself, Mr. Markoutsas, Mrs. Venn, science technicians and other subject teachers. They were asked some really difficult questions but their resilience and passion for their projects was evident and made it an even tougher task to select the final winners. After an hour-long judging process and many hard decisions the final winners and runners up of each category were announced!

1st place – Olivia Finch
2nd place – Lily Dunstone

1st place – Sophie Hillier
2nd place – Jacob Da Nobrega

1st place – Hannah Buxton, Keira Lambert and Grace Picardo-Ashworth
2nd Place – Georgia Sims

1st place – Emily Withers
2nd place – Charlie Balman

Massive congratulations to all the winners and runners up of the 2018 science fair. Your projects not only encapsulated everything that STEM subjects underpin but were imaginative, creative and unique in their own way. I would also like to say well done to all Year 8 students for your fantastic science fair projects. I can categorically say that this has been the best science fair to date!

Cengiz Muhiddin