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Principal’s Update – Attendance

This week I want to write about attendance. We really thank you for all your help in ensuring our students attend as often as is possible.

This is on my mind as I was reading about how the Aussie Flu / Winter Sickness Bug – call it what you will – has affected so many people across the country and especially our region. Of course, it is always the old that suffer the most when they face this sort of illness. However, there has been a record amount of illness amongst school-aged children (both primary and secondary) nationally.

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Parent Update from Marie Lewis

Each lesson, staff are encouraged to give students as many achievement points as possible. Points are issued for reasons such as being on task, excellent engagement and excellent effort. Students’ names are written on the Learning Stars board, to highlight and recognise their success in gaining these points. They are often keen to get their names on the board and achieve as many points as they can. The number of achievement points each student has achieved is shared with them each week during tutor time, so that they then record the data in their planner.

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Parent Update - SEND

The SEND provision is progressing well and the Sir Richard Branson Centre is always engaging students in learning and overcoming their barriers. We continue to offer a range of interventions such as Fresh Start which is a phonics reading programme for Year 7 and Year 8; a booster reading intervention for Year 8 and Year 9; a handwriting intervention for Year 7 – 11; maths booster intervention and a touch-typing intervention for Year 7 – 11 to make our students more independent and ready for Post-16 education.

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WCSA Science fair by Mr Muhiddin, Deputy Head of Science

As you may already know, the WCSA science department annually hold a Year 8 science fair to promote the importance of STEM subjects and to showcase the wonderful talent our students have for science, technology engineering and mathematics. Students were required to enter one of four categories in which they could research the science behind a fascinating question, form and conduct their own investigation, construct a working design to model a scientific concept or to be an engineer and construct a product that could benefit the general public.

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Term 5 – Principal’s Update

Welcome back to Term 5. I hope that everyone has had a really relaxing Easter with plenty of chocolate and not too much rain. I enjoyed a weekend in London where I was lucky enough to see the ‘School of Rock’. However, I can quite honestly say that the performance here by WCSA students earlier in the year was far better. I can’t wait for ‘Oliver’, which is our next production. I am looking forward to more guest appearances from staff.

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