Term 5 – Principal’s Update

Welcome back to Term 5. I hope that everyone has had a really relaxing Easter with plenty of chocolate and not too much rain. I enjoyed a weekend in London where I was lucky enough to see the ‘School of Rock’. However, I can quite honestly say that the performance here by WCSA students earlier in the year was far better. I can’t wait for ‘Oliver’, which is our next production. I am looking forward to more guest appearances from staff.

Our staff and students have been busy here in school with revision for GCSE examinations. Mrs Mac (Head of Year 11) will be writing an update for the website about Year 11 and the support that we provide in the crucial run up to the examination period. Please do look out for this here on the Worle website. Even if your children are not yet in Year 11, I hope you get a feel for how much we do and how keen we are for our students to leave us with the best examination results they can achieve. Throughout the Easter break, we saw in excess of 200 students attend one revision session or another. Pictured below is one of the English sessions. Our support for our students is total.

As you will notice form the top of this update, we are in the seventh week of our third Learning Cycle. This is our first year of Learning Cycles (a modular curriculum) and I have been extremely impressed with the way staff and students alike have benefitted from this system. Mr. Markoutsas (Vice-Principal) and I will be doing a weekly student voice in Term 5 and 6 to evaluate successes of the system and to fine-tune as we look ahead to the next academic year. Earlier in the year, we were grateful to parents / carers who came in and took part in some parent voice to share views. Any parents who feel they have something to add or share should contact my PA (Tracy Humphris) here at WCSA and we will set up some sessions in Term 6.
Again – thank you for your great support.

Miss Scott