Parent Update from Marie Lewis

Here at WCSA, praise is an integral part of our teaching and learning. We have a wealth of talent that we are keen to foster and nurture; so many hard-working students who richly deserve acknowledgement and recognition. Our key aims are:

–          To promote a learning culture which recognises and celebrates achievement

–          To teach appropriate behaviour and establish positive relationships

–          To increase self-esteem through recognition, and

–          To create a positive classroom environment for staff and students.

Each lesson, staff are encouraged to give students as many achievement points as possible. Points are issued for reasons such as being on task, excellent engagement and excellent effort. Students’ names are written on the Learning Stars board, to highlight and recognise their success in gaining these points. They are often keen to get their names on the board and achieve as many points as they can. The number of achievement points each student has achieved is shared with them each week during tutor time, so that they then record the data in their planner.

In assemblies we ensure that excellent attendance and effort is acknowledged; students’ names are read out and prizes given. In departments – subject certificates and praise postcards are given for outstanding work. Department badges, sports badges and special ties are issued for continued excellence, hard work and determination to succeed.

We also host ‘Heroes’ events where parents and carers nominate their child for making a positive difference to their school or community – be it for the support they give in the home to sporting and academic success in school. Parents and carers are then invited into school where the students are presented with a certificate and a voucher entitling them and their family to a free activity session at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. We will be hosting these events on a regular basis, so please do nominate by sending the student’s name, school, year group and the reason why you think they are a hero to: . We would love to hear from you!

We also have celebration of achievement evenings where the top students in each year group who have the most achievement points, or who have made excellent progress or have superb attendance are acknowledged and rewarded.

Miss Scott also meets with students of the week each Friday – the highlight of her week! This is an opportunity for Miss Scott to meet and congratulate students who have made wonderful contributions to the school and/or the wider community. The student of the week is given a red badge; a purple badge is issued to any pupil who has been student of the week twice.

Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact the school with any good news stories about our students and what brilliant young people they are.