Parents' Update - Oliver!


Last week, I had the pleasure of watching Oliver! I knew it was going to be good, as I had been in and out of rehearsals. I had not realised just how good it was going to be. The cast surpassed themselves in terms of a performance to rival anything that could be seen at a professional theatre. I really was “Proud to be Principal” last week.


There were two casts who took it in turns over the four nights (and an additional matinee performance for Ashcombe Y6 students (pictured below). As Mrs Davies and Mrs Miller acknowledged in the program:


“We have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with such talented, committed and supportive students. Every element of the show lives and breathes everything that is wonderful about WCSA …”


If you managed to get a ticket to see the show for yourself, I am sure you will agree that there was a wonderful performance from Natalie Page as Oliver. Fagin was portrayed equally brilliantly (yet differently) by Charlotte Dickson, Harrison Eley and Logan McLaughlin over the various nights. It was great to see so many students who only joined us a year ago taking up key roles with confidence and creativity. Jacob Allen was a brilliant Bill and Arlie Hobden a remarkably cheerful Dodger. I really could mention all students by name as they all gave 100% to the show. 


There is, of course, all those staff and students who were not on stage but who supported behind the scenes. We have an equal amount of talent for lighting, sound, stage design and costumes. Mrs Davies and Mrs Miller directed the show, supported by Mrs Burlinson as musical director. 


“I’d do anything for you, dear, anything, for you mean everything to me.”

Oliver! 2018