Parent App FAQ:

How do I update my email and/or mobile phone number with the school?

You can contact the school on 01934 510777 or email to update your details.


I’ve downloaded the App but haven’t received a Login code.

If you do not receive a code, use the ‘Resend Code’ function. There can be delays due to mobile phone providers and other factors outside of the control of the Xpressions app and the school so please wait for at least 5 minutes and ensure you are in an area with mobile phone coverage.


How secure is the app?

In short, it’s highly secure, just like your bank or other apps used for sensitive information. Information sent to your app is scrambled and can only be read by a system with a valid set of credentials to unscramble that data. However it is your responsibility ensure your login details remain confidential. If you believe your password is compromised you should change it straight away. You can also set a passcode for the app by logging in and clicking on the padlock sign.


I’ve forgotten my password; how do I reset it?

In the App Click ‘Forgotten Password’ and enter your mobile number. A new code will be sent to your mobile which you can use to log in and choose a new password. Alternatively, go to, enter your email address and click ‘Forgotten Password’.


How quickly is information passed from the school to the app?

The information in the app is not ‘live’; it is however updated regularly. Internet access is required on the device running the app for the updates to be received.


Can another person have their own login details to access my/our children’s information?

Your personal login shows you details of children (and their schools) for which you have parental responsibility (PR) as legally granted and recorded in the school system. Schools have a legal and statutory requirement not to breach confidentiality by ensuring information about children is only displayed to people with parental responsibility.