SEND Vision - Parent Update Term 1

Miss Fitzgerald is pleased to welcome Mrs. Anning (Inclusion Lead), Sally Burdon (Support to Learn Co-ordinator and seven new Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) department this academic year.

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Reflecting on interventions and provisions introduced in September 2018

We will continue the three year Core Booster programme which was introduced in September 2018.  This intervention allows specific SEND students the opportunity to develop their English and maths skills, enabling them to make progress. This programme is tailored to the student’s identified areas of need and aims to positively impact the progress they make in GCSE English and GCSE maths.  Feedback has been positive and students are able to transfer the skills they have practised in Core Booster to their classroom learning.  Progress is being made, which we monitor through Praising Stars.

Also this year, mirroring last year’s success, a high number of our Year 7 students have made accelerated reading progress in Fresh Start reading intervention.  These students are now moving on to a specific programme in Year 8.  Graduating from the Fresh Start reading intervention and moving on to the next intervention allows these students to develop higher reading and analysis skills.  This helps students’ readiness for the GCSE skills needed in KS4.

Following positive feedback we will continue to celebrate the different types of SEND and to work with Mrs. Cuthbertson (Careers Advisor) and outside agencies to deliver assemblies and key information during the identified day/week: World Autism Week.


September 2019 new provisions

As we are keen to support our SEND students’ mental health and wellbeing as well as their academic progress we are introducing the following two provisions in September 2019:

Through research and following student voice, we are excited to announce the opening of a sensory garden.  The gardening programme will allow specific SEND learners the opportunity to experience new sounds, textures, fragrances and tastes.  The garden will celebrate the ‘seed to table’ process.  There will also be a focus on taking responsibly, working as a team and taking ownership of the garden. 

Another exciting new development is the addition of a sensory room in the SRB opening in September 2019.  This space will provide a calming environment for a small number of specific SEND learners.

Raising the SEND Profile

This year, Miss Kirsty Fitzgerald (Assistant Principal: SENDCo and Designated CLA Teacher), Mrs. Sarah Kane (Intervention Lead) and Mrs. Andrea Anning (Inclusion Lead) will be visiting classrooms regularly to quality ensure LSAs and teaching staff are working together and using identified strategies with SEND students.  From this bespoke training will be offered to ensure all our students receive Quality First Teaching.

Who to contact:

If you have any questions or queries about Cognition and Learning and Communication, please contact Mrs. Kane: or telephone 01934 510777 Ext:262
Also if you have any questions about Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, Sensory, physical or medical   questions or queries please contact Mrs. Anning on or telephone 01934 510777 Ext:276


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