Parent Update - The Student Leadership Team

On Friday 5th July, I spent a thoroughly enjoyable morning as part of the WCSA panel tasked with the job of appointing our Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies. Both Miss Scott and Mrs Mac joined me along with Toby Lythgoe, our 2018- 2019 Head Boy, and Lisa De-Laune, a representative from the Academy Council.

Duties of the Head Boy and Girl will consist of representing our school at Open Evenings and Awards events and they are an integral part of the induction process for our new Year 7s in September.  As ambassadors for the school, the Head Boy and Girl ensure that the views of all pupils are represented and listened to by coordinating student voice for a wide range of school issues from teaching and learning to food in the restaurant.

To apply for the role, applicants prepared a presentation about why they wanted the job and what they would bring to the position. They were able to use a PowerPoint presentation, or present their views in any other way they were comfortable with. We wanted them to show passion and enthusiasm for involvement in the leadership of the school, and explain what they felt their legacy would be. The quality of presentations shown by all candidates was exceptional and it was a privilege to be part of this process. The students represented themselves extremely well, and it was fascinating to hear these young adults discuss their concerns about such emotive subjects as climate change and bullying. They showed an in depth understanding of the challenges, both in and out of school, which many of our students face.

It was a very difficult process to appoint Head Boy and Head Girl as all candidates were outstanding during the interview process. We had to go away and give it more thought over the weekend; there were many emails exchanged between the panel, until we finally arrived at a result. I am delighted to announce Finley Hulbert has been appointed as Head Boy and Daisy Dennett has been appointed Head Girl. The Deputy Team consists of Josh Riden and Aga Maciejczyk.  These are students with incredibly high standards both in school and the wider community. They are a credit to WCSA and The Trust. 

By Kerry Pooley