Year 7 Interview Challenge

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Careers – Leeza Cuthbertson

Year 7 Interview Challenge

It has been a real pleasure speaking to the whole of Year 7 with the help of Stacey Leatherby from TKASA and Jodie Silmon and James Wilmot from PCSA.

Over the last two weeks Year 7 tutors have worked really hard helping their tutees with their CVs, for which I am really appreciative. The standard of vocabulary describing their personalities, skills and experiences has been very professional and would trump many an adult CV. I have also been blown away by how busy our students are out of school and the level at which they are competing or studying other extra-curricular hobbies.

Over the course of this week each student was given a 5 minute interview slot to attend in Careers in the LRC. There has been a great atmosphere of anticipation and fun. Some students were nervous, as expected, but many showed great confidence and really strong handshakes!


They were asked what their dream job would be and the skills they think they have and may need to improve on to do that job in the future. They were also asked where they envisage doing their job, and whether they would consider working abroad. It quickly became clear that we have a lovely bunch of very ambitious, competitive but kind and caring students!

When the time comes for current Year 7s to apply for College / 6th Form in autumn 2023 I’m expecting many applications for Science A Levels; I have spoken to so many students this week that have a genuine passion for animals and want to become vets!

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The students were also asked who their role models are and who they most admire in life; it was so lovely to hear some very touching answers re Grandparents/Parents/Step-Parents/Carers/siblings and the wider family who they really appreciate. As a parent myself, I realised what the majority of students valued most was time spent and an ear to listen to them when they needed to off load. In fact, not one student mentioned money or material gifts.

Finally, they relayed their proudest moments, revealing many significant achievements.

It has been a real privilege getting an insight into the lives of our young people this week and hearing the difficulties some of them face on a day-to-day basis with bravery and positivity.

I think this has been such a worthwhile exercise for our Year 7s and a great stepping stone to realising their hopes and dreams for the future, with the help of their families and the team of staff at WCSA.

Dates, looking ahead:

1st July                                   Twilight INSET

2nd July                                  Transition Day

6th July                                  Family Breakfast Morning (Sat)

8th July                                  Y10 Weston College Taster Day

9th/10th July                         Rewards Trips

12th July                                Sports Day

W/c 15th July                       Y10 Work Experience Week

17th July                                Summer Concert (evening)

19th July                                Non uniform day

22nd/23rd July                      Curriculum Enrichment days

24th July                                Last day of term