Parent Update - Yr 10 Lincoln College , Oxford University Taster Day

As part of WCSA’s Careers programme we believe all students should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges and universities and in the workplace.

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With this in mind, we accepted an invitation from Lincoln College, one of the 38 colleges that make up Oxford University.

Oxford University is an establishment we are all familiar with as a unique and historic institution but I was surprised to learn it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world; teaching dating back to 1096!

Lincoln College run very popular Taster Days throughout the academic year for state schools in our area; we were therefore fortunate to be able to book a day for 15 students.

Apart from a local bomb scare trying to scupper our travel plans we arrived in good time and the Oxford sunshine showed off the stunning architecture of the city in all its glory!

Lincoln College is on a busy street near the hustle and bustle of the city centre; however inside is like a different world, a serene oasis of calm with manicured lawns and picture perfect wisteria. Its charm certainly seemed to have had an effect on our students; I’ve never seen them so quiet!

We were introduced to Katie Osmon (pictured above), a former student and Schools Liaison Officer and joined by Ben (a current History Masters student) who gave us a talk on Higher Education and Oxford. Their overarching message was that Oxford University should be viewed no differently to other leading (Russell Group) universities in the UK and is an option regardless of your educational background.

They explained the limited spaces and importance of GCSE grades which are a deciding factor when whittling down their annual applicants from all around the world to 1000 (around 90 accepted at Lincoln College).

There was advice regarding A Level choices, facilitating subjects; academic A Levels that leave students with many options when deciding which degree to study.


We were also treated to a tour of Lincoln College, admiring the student accommodation, the beautiful chapel and elaborate library.

The Hall where the Oxford students eat all their meals reminded us all of Hogwarts!


After lunch on the lawn in one of The Quads we were introduced to a Classical Archaeology and Ancient History postgraduate student currently studying her masters. She ran a really interesting interactive session on roman architecture and sculptures, asking the students questions and making them really think about the detail and what they can learn by making small observations and discussing it together. She later explained this is how they learn at Lincoln College: small group study sessions; exchanging ideas.

Feedback from the WCSA students was good; Lincoln College is definitely going to be on a number of their list of 5 university choices.

Due to the limited spaces available we can never take every student; however if you have any questions regarding Lincoln College or Higher Education.

Please feel free to email me

by Leeza Cuthbertson – Careers Advisor

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