Parent Update - World Book Day 2019

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World Book Day 2019 celebrations at WCSA

World Book Day was celebrated by both students and staff this year at WCSA on the 7th March. Our library staff organised lots of fun activities and competitions for the whole week and this year we had a theme of Harry Potter.

We organised a Hogwarts House Badge Hunt for the whole week. Staff wore badges depicting which Harry Potter House they were in. Students then had the week to find as many of these badges as possible. The winner will be the student who finds the most and will be announced on Monday 11th March. 

Staff were invited to come in on the day dressed up as a book character and they all gathered for a group photo at break time in the library. Students came along and loved seeing the staff looking 'different' to normal. It created a real buzz around which characters they were and discussions about books and reading.

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The most popular activity was the hidden Hogwarts Express train tickets. We placed 30 of them in unusual places around the library for students to find and get an instant prize, by the end of the day all the tickets had been found.

A ‘Selfie-Station’ with lots of Harry Potter props was available for students to use, including a talking sorting hat to see which house they should be in.  Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans were available for students to try, if they were brave enough. Some delicious flavours could be sampled such as earwax, earthworm and rotten egg to name but a few. The library was packed and it was lovely to see so many of our students taking part in the activities.

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Every Key Stage 3 student was issued with a £1 World Book Day voucher which can be used to purchase a special WBD Book or used off the price of a normal book. Vouchers can be redeemed at most independent and national book shops, some supermarkets will also accept them. We also gave out some free £1 WBD books on the day, on a first come first served basis. If any students would like a voucher or book please pop in next week and get one from the library staff.  

To round off the celebrations there will be a free book swap for students in the library at break times next week (w/c 11.03.19). This is a great way to get some new, pre-loved books for free. Students can find out more details about how to take part in the library.        

Worle Community School Academy values reading and aims to encourage all our students to read for pleasure, both inside and outside of the classroom. Reading for pleasure will not only give them personal enrichment and essential future life skills but it will also improve their learning. Whilst hopefully nurturing a lifelong love of reading.

Now to start planning what we will do next year.

 Written by Mrs Sellers – Librarian

Skyla Hatcher