Parent Update 4th February

Learning Cycle 2 Week 9

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

One of the best things about being a teacher is that no day is the same. Although we may have set routines and a regular timetable, no week looks the same. Equally, as the year moves towards exams the rhythm changes and how we invest our time shifts.

The school day really begins the night or even the weekend before. It is in this time that we ensure our lessons are planned and tailored to our classes to ensure that students receive the highest quality learning experience. It is within our planning that we consider what it is students need to learn next in order to progress as well as how we will deliver this information in a creative and engaging way.

The vast majority of WCSA staff live outside the Weston area and make a daily commute usually arriving in school between 7am and 8am. Most staff will head to the staff room to make a quick cup of coffee before heading straight to their rooms to get organised for their day. It is within this time that books are moved, photocopying is completed and resources are organised to ensure that lessons can begin smoothly with no time wasted.

At 8am, some staff will begin P0 activities; these include intervention sessions or sporting clubs. Twice a week, we attend a before school briefing to share key messages and areas of focus for the week. The Leadership Team meet daily at 8am to discuss the day’s priorities and then head to the gates to welcome students into school.

The day begins in earnest at 8.35 when tutors deliver a taught programme of either numeracy, literacy, British Values or take a look at tutor group data. Once a week the tutor accompanies their tutor group to a year group assembly – last week our theme was Holocaust Memorial. Tutor time is an important part of the day for tutors as they ensure all students are ready for their day.

Students receive 25 lessons per week. An average teacher will teach 22 hours, having 3 hours protected for joint planning, preparation and assessment. At break time, if not on duty, most staff get a drink from the staff room before ensuring they are organised for the next two lessons. We have the opportunity for a break where we can catch up with our colleagues on our morning. At lunch time, an increasing number of teachers eat at our restaurant – this is testament to the quality of the food!

School finishes at 2.55pm. At this time the Leadership Team head to the gates to say goodbye to students. For some staff, teaching for the day is not over as they deliver an intervention lesson once a week. For other staff, there are school activities happening such as music and clubs. The PE department are frequently busy training or at fixtures. Once a week we have whole staff meetings and throughout the term there may be other school events such as parents’ evenings or options evening. There are also events such as music concerts and celebration evenings that staff may choose to attend – we enjoy celebrating the talents and success of our students. Continued Professional Development (CPD) is hugely important at WCSA and many staff attend training sessions weekly. This supports our development as professionals.

The school is usually open until 6pm and it is not unusual to still see the car park full until just before this time. After school, teachers spend time preparing for the day tomorrow as well as marking books, assessments and homework. We also catch up with our colleagues, which is a friendly and supportive way to end our day. As you can see, a teacher’s day is extremely busy. Having the opportunity to catch up with colleagues at the end of the day is very important as we form genuine friendships. The students and the bond we form with our colleagues are a big part of the reason we enjoy working at Worle!

Mark Tong

Assistant Principal