Parent Update 14th February

Artesina 2019 TPLT Ski Trip - Callum Thompson, Head of PE


I had the pleasure of organising a ski trip for WCSA students. We had such a fantastic time! We spent a week on the quiet slopes of Artesina in the hills of Italy. The snow was amazing and the students’ skiing was even better. 

Parent Update 14.2.19 Photo 1.png

Our hotel offered “doorstep skiing” and was the ideal setting to take 140 students away to test their skills in a winter sport. They spent 5 hours a day honing these skills on varying levels of slope. The top groups were flying down black slopes and taking any opportunity they could to take flight off any small jump they could see. The beginners were working tirelessly to perfect their snow plough so they could finally brave the heights of the mountain. 

Parent update 14.2.19 photo 3.png

The progress of all of our students was truly remarkable. The vast majority spent the first two days on the nursery slopes, but by the end of the week there wasn’t a WCSA student to be seen on the easy runs. They were all off, dotted around the mountain seeking out adventure with their highly trained, fantastic instructors.  

It was an amazing week. The planning for 2020 has already begun! Please check out @WCSAskitrips to keep up to date with next year’s trip and to see all the fun that was had this year.

Parent update 14.2.19 photo 3.png


Charlotte Bishop-Hurman