GCSE Information

The new Maths GCSE exam took place for the first time in summer 2017. There is new content at both Higher and Foundation tier in comparison to the old GCSE as well as a greater emphasis on problem solving.

The assessment is in the form of 3 exams all sat at the end of Year 11. They each last 1h30m and two of them allow the use of calculator. Any topic may appear on any of the three papers. There are two tiers of entry – Higher (grades 4-9) and Foundation (grades 1-5).

Please find the programme of study documents below; we currently do the EdExcel GCSE (1MA1). The course is delivered over 3 years and there is regular testing to allow us to track progress and identify areas of weakness that need to be addressed. Detailed analysis is provided after each test, it is crucial that independent study then takes place to work on the areas highlighted. The final tier of entry will be determined in Year 11.

Foundation Tier Programme of Study
Higher Tier Programme of Study

Support is available in the form of the Maths Clinic which runs each Wednesday between 3 and 4pm in L09 and by using the website detailed in the information sheet below. The CorbettMaths website is also excellent for help videos and practice questions.

Mathematics Support Resources

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