Subject: English

Head of Faculty: Mrs G Harris

Staff: Mrs M Worthy (2nd in English and KS4 Lead), Miss R Clarkson (KS3 Lead), Mr C Pickles, Miss R Collingwood, Mrs S McCarthy, Mrs K Fitzgerald, Miss B Robbins, Mr M Green, Mrs J Matthews, Mr A Griffin, Mrs R Phillips, Mr K Shankir, Mrs J Gray, Miss C James


Introduction and ethos of subject

The English Faculty are a passionate team of individuals who combine their vast range of experiences to offer an engaging and enriching curriculum. As a team we are dedicated to enriching the lives of the students in our care and rigorously ensure lessons spark interest, develop knowledge and challenge students to achieve their full potential.

English, as a subject, remains at the heart of all learning.


During KS4, students will enhance their knowledge of the assessment criteria and acquire the knowledge necessary for examination success.  Students follow the AQA specification for their English Language GCSE and for their English Literature GCSE. The two subjects are examined separately and will result in two separate qualifications.

As part of our desire to provide an enriching experience, all students are entered for both qualifications. For GCSE English Literature, we study Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol and Lord of the Flies as our main texts.