WCSA Charter

We, at Worle Community School Academy, in order to unite in a shared vision of valuing democracy, high quality value based education for all, safeguarding emotional and physical wellbeing, promoting the very best in effort and resilience without compromise, and in supporting the highest academic achievement and progress, establish this Charter.

We all have the shared responsibility to uphold the following rights:

1. The right to a positive learning environment free from disruption.

2. The right to the opportunity to achieve and progress both within and outside of the classroom.

3. The right to care, intervention and support to enable everyone to be as successful as possible.

4. The right to expect high levels of aspiration and professionalism from every member of the school community.

5. The right to be treated with respect.

6. The right to individual liberty, freedom of faith, thought and speech as long as it does not offend or is to the detriment of others.

7. The right to freedom from bullying, fear, physical harm or theft.

8. The right to protection from intolerance, ridicule, radicalisation, abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination both within and outside of school.

9. The right to support should we encounter emotional trauma.

10. The right to enjoy a school with positive reputation, free from vandalism, litter and behaviours that both in and out of school could be viewed negatively including poor language, presentation and uniform.