Year 7 and 8 Cycle Maintenance Training ‘Bikeability Fix’ October 2018

Dear Parent / Carer,


Re: Year 7 and 8 Cycle Maintenance Training ‘Bikeability Fix’ October 2018

I am writing to you regarding a fantastic FREE opportunity on offer at Worle Community School in October 2018 to compliment the Bikeability Level 3 advanced cycle training taking place. 

As part of the school’s Active Travel Plan we aim to raise awareness and create opportunities for young people to travel actively and safely to and from school and give them the tools to complete their journeys. 

The Bikeability Fix training is part of a Pilot Scheme being funded by North Somerset Council and will be led by Life Cycle UK ( who also deliver the Level 3 training. The training sessions will run on the following dates and times:


Friday 26thOctober                   9:30-12:00        OR        12:30-15:00                  


What is Bikeability Fix Training?

·       Identify all bike parts & understand their importance

·       Learn how to make basic adjustments to ensure comfortable riding (saddle height etc.)

·       Learn to make basic adjustments to brakes

·       Learn how to repair a puncture

·       Receive a free puncture repair kit & certificate


I want my child to take part in this opportunity – What do I do?


  • OR visit Reception at Worle Community School and complete your online booking via our system

Please note the capacity of each session is 10 students, so there are a maximum of 20 places on offer. Each session is 2.5hours long. 


What equipment do I need?

  • On the day, students need to bring their BIKE.



What should I wear?

  • We recommend students bring an old overshirt or apron to protect their clothes and avoid trailing clothes, scarves etc. that could get caught. 

  • Protective gloves will be provided (non-latex).

Session times

  • The group size is 10 students and there will be 2 instructor-mechanics per session.

  • Life Cycle will provide all the tools required

  • This is a 2.5hour training session.

Please consider

  • Worle School has been allocated 20 placestherefore we must allocate students on a first come first served basis.



  • All instructor-mechanics are approved and accredited to work with young people in this capacity. Full risk assessments have been carried out and the instructor participant ratio will ensure attention can be given to all students. 

  • Students will be instructed in the correct and safe use of basic tools at the start of the training, including Allen keys and tyre levels. All tools remain the property of Life Cycle UK.

  • Any student mis-using the tools provided will be removed from the course immediately.


On the day

  • Students should arrive at the main school receptionfor their morning or afternoon session to be met by the Life Cycle instructors. A member of school staff will be present on school grounds at all times.

  • This activity will take place in the sports hall adjacent to the main entrance. Students will be asked to access the sports hall by a side door.

  • Whilst Worle are facilitating this opportunity, your child will be the responsibility of the Bikeability Teamwhilst in the activity. 

I hope that your child gains a great deal of confidence from this excellent opportunity. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this letter, please contact me on 01934 529555 or email at


Yours faithfully

Neill Bird

Assistant Business Manager