Year 7 and 8 Bikeability Level 3 Cycling Safety Training

Dear Parent / Carer,


Re: Year 7 and 8 Bikeability Level 3 Cycling Safety Training 

As part of the schools Active Travel Plan we aim to raise awareness and create opportunities for young people to travel actively and safely to and from school. We know that this will benefit the whole school community.

To give young people the confidence to travel actively we are offering Bikeability Level 3 training. The training is free of charge (funded by North Somerset Council) and will be led by Life Cycle ( The training consists of one 2 ½ hour session. Available dates and times are:


Monday 22ndOctober                9:30-12:00        OR        12:30-15:00

Tuesday 23rdOctober                9:30-12:00        OR        12:30-15:00

Wednesday 24thOctober           9:30-12:00        OR        12:30-15:00

Thursday 25thOctober               9:30-12:00        OR        12:30-15:00


What is Bikeability Level 3 Training?

Level 3 training is fun and suitable for young people at secondary school and covers dealing with hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling. Training will happen on the school site and away from the school site in the local area.


Once students have completed their Bikeability Level 3 qualification green badge, they will be able to cycle almost anywhere, and:

·       Make a trip to school, work or elsewhere on any roads

·       Use complex junctions and road features such as roundabouts, multi-lane roads and traffic lights

·       Understand driver blind spots

·       Know how (and when) to pass queuing traffic

·       Identify and react to hazardous road surfaces

·       Plan a safe cycling route

·      Interpret road signs


I want my child to take part in this opportunity – What do I do?

  • OR visit Reception at Worle Community School and complete your online booking via our system

  • Please note the capacity of each 2 ½ hour session is 6 students, so there is a limit of 48 places on offer.

  • At home complete the bike M-Check (download from Life Cycle website) and ensure your child’s bike is safe and ready for their session.

What equipment do I need?

  • On the day students need to bring their appropriate BIKEand HELMET. bike lockis also a good idea should your child need to leave their bike at any time. 

  • Please bring a still drink(no energy drinks) in a small rucksackand a small healthy snack if wanted – there is nota planned ‘break’ within the training time.

  • Sun screen if appropriate


What should I wear?

  • If the weatheris expected to be changeable please prepare accordingly.

  • Students should wear warm clothes,waterproofcoat, gloves and sturdy footwearsuch as PE trainers. 

Please consider

  • The dates are during the first week of the school holiday. Please check your child will be available and able to get to school on their chosen date.



  • All instructors are approved and accredited to work with young people in this capacity. Full risk assessments have been carried out and the instructor-participant ratio is particularly high to support the cycling activity. 


On the day

  • Students should arrive at the main school receptionfor their morning or afternoon session to be met by the Life Cycle instructors. A member of school staff will be present on school grounds at all times.

  • This activity will go ahead in MOST WEATHERS(including rain). Learning to cycle in all weathers is part of being a ready cyclist able to deal with the challenges of the road. Being able to navigate more challenging conditions will prepare the group for a normal journey to school. Please bear this in mind and prepare your child accordingly.

  • Whilst Worle are facilitating this opportunity, your child will be the responsibility of the Bikeability Teamwhilst in the activity. 


I hope that your child gains a great deal of confidence from this excellent opportunity. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this letter, please contact me on 01934 529555 or email at


Yours faithfully

Neill Bird

Assistant Business Manager