Able and Talented Pupils


There are many opportunities for Able and Talented students to be stretched and challenged both within and outside the classroom at our school. All departments and teachers have secure knowledge of how to stretch and challenge students within their normal lessons.

Many departments offer extra curricular activities after school to enable students to further develop their skills. Some activities involve participation in regional, national and international competitions.

Enrichment Week

Worle has an enrichment week in early July where students choose from a wide range of learning activities and educational visits which gives students an opportunity to learn many practical, artistic, and creative skills outside of the curriculum.

Thinking Skills

For academic high achievers we have an acceleration scheme for able learners using Thinking Skills classes and the opportunity to study AS Level Critical Thinking in Year 10. Thinking Skills classes use specially designed activities from national leading specialists in this field. These classes are thought provoking, very intellectually challenging and build the foundation blocks for students to have the confidence to think for themselves and develop their own arguments. 

In order to study Critical Thinking we recommend that students have gained a Level 6 or more in English at the end of Year 9.